Shayne Thiessen

Mind Control 3

Your TV Could be Controlling your Mind

The technology exists to allow your TV to control your central nervous system! There are several different patents relating to this kind of technology that have been registered. If you don’t remember your...


Caddy Lake Forest Fire

These images are from the Caddy Lake forest fire in Eastern Manitoba, near the Ontario border. As of the time of this posting, the fire is 50% contained.

God, Religion, and the Bible

Usually I write about politics, but since it is Easter weekend, I thought I would make an exception. Today I’m going to discuss my views on religion. I usually avoid writing about religion because...

The Stamp Act and why Our Privacy Matters

In 1765 the British Government introduced The Stamp Act. The Stamp Act required that all documents must contain the kings stamp. This meant that any newspaper, license, or other paper document had to bare the...


2015 Election Results

The Liberal Party won with the majority of seats and votes. The Conservative Party will form the official opposition. Party Seats Vote Percentage Conservatives 99 29.3% Liberals 184 54.4% New Democratic Party 44 13%...